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WITH EVERY HEARTBEAT ('KISS ME') wins Lorens Award at Gothenburg International Film Festival 2012!

Lorens Award

The producer Josefine Tengblad was awarded Lorenspriset for Kyss mig (Kiss Me). The prize, which was awarded by Stockholm Postproduction and goes to one of the producers for 2011's Swedish feature films, consists of free development of the winning producer's next feature film. The prize is worth circa 500,000 SEK.

 “This extremely creative producer has, by starting with her own life experiences and with a passionate conviction and courage, succeeded to engage the director, the actors, and the crew to collaboratively create a touching, dense, and beautiful film. The jury is impressed! The Lorens Award 2012 goes to Josefine Tengblad who receives the award for her work with the film Kiss Me (Kyss mig).”

Jury: Tony Forsberg, photographer, Petra Ahlin, cutter, Lena Koppel, director, Jesper Bergom-Larsson, producer, Dan Myhrman, photographer andAli Boriri, film lab director and filmmaker.