Snip Snap Snut Trailer (click on image)
Follow Snip, Snap and Snut on their adventures in a colorful and imaginative clay world, where cinnamon buns and balloons grow on trees. The friends yearn to fly and they invent different ways to achieve this. They encounter scary and mischievous characters that sometimes help them and sometimes try to stop them. Through friendship and collaboration, Snip, Snap and Snut overcome most of the problems they are faced with. These stories, while being mostly entertaining, also deal with feelings – anger, frustration, fear and joy – that the young audience can relate to.
Snip, Snap, Snut
Directed by: Mia Hulterstam, Cecilia Actis
Original title: Snipp, Snapp, Snut
Genres: Family, Animation, TV-Series
Written by: Mia Hulterstam, Cecilia Actis
Produced by: Erik Magnusson, Emma Åkesdotter Ronge
Production company: Anagram Film & TV
Production year: 2016
Release year: 2016
Country: Sweden
Language: TV Series: No dialogue / Feature Film: Swedish VO
Duration: TV Series 10 x 4 min / Feature Film: 40 min
Subtitled versions: English (VO)
Format: TV Series: MFX / Feature Film DCP
Art Work